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My Favorite Place – Molokini Reefs End

My favorite place is underwater.  Usually when I’m diving, I’m working.  Last week I was able to go on a non-working dive with one of my dive buddies, Joe.  Special thanks to my husband for being our captain for the day.  We went to Molokini crater, which is about three miles off south Maui, and dived am area named reefs end.  As many times as I’ve been to this site, it never gets old.  Reefs end Molokini is stunning and loaded with marine life.  As we descended, Joe and I swam out into the blue water and listened to the whales sing with the hopes that one might swim by.  It was a beautiful dive.  Here are some of the photos I took.    All photos taken with a Sony A7SII in a Nauticam housing and a Nikonos 15mm lens. Keldan lights were used for a couple shots. 


Stock photography by Tiffany Winn at Alamy


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