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Kawa Island Pt.1

Recently my husband and I were working a commercial diving gig in Papua New Guinea. We were there for five weeks. Most of that time was spent on a ship in the middle of nowhere right off shore of a small island named Kawa. We were lucky to get the opportunity to go to shore twice and visit the Islanders. 200 people live on the island. There is another island close by where they grow all their food. They go back-and-forth between islands in hand dug out canoes. I managed to get a few good pictures while visiting. My favorites are of the kids.  Because there are quite a few pictures I would like to share, I am only going to publish a few at a time as to not be overwhelming.  This is part 1.


  1. This looks like an incredible place. Great photos, you’re very lucky to have experienced this 🙂 Got to get on those diving gigs…(I can’t swim.)

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    • I consider myself very lucky. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. The kids were so fun to photograph. I’ll share some of my underwater shots soon. No swimming required!

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